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Immigration Court

Immigration Court can be intimidating. Representation in immigration court proceedings is important because with an attorney all possible options of relief can be explored, including:

  • Filing for asylum
  • Applying for withholding of removal
  • Adjusting status while in removal proceedings

Family Based Immigration

When filing family-based applications it is important to know which application should be filed depending on the situation and relief sought. It is also important to collect the correct documents that will support and bolster your application.

We have experience with a many different types of applications, including:

  • Petitions for relatives and fiancés.
  • Application to Adjust Status aka Green Card Application
  • Petition to remove conditions on Green Card


It is important to know that there are applications that may be submitted in some situation in order to waive certain criteria.

These applications include:

  • Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility
  • Application to Reapply for Admission into US After Deportation or Removaln

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