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Do you need local Buffalo DWI attorney who can help you move on with your life? Getting arrested and charged with DWI can be a frightening experience. Many people that otherwise have never been arrested can get charged with a DWI as societal pressures to get tougher on drunk drivers increase every year. Having a Buffalo defense attorney who has successfully defended clients charged with DWI related charges by your side can make all the difference!

A DWI charge is a very serious criminal charge in New York State. Possible negative outcomes include heavy financial court and DMV fines, loss of job, loss of license, having to install an ignition interlock device on the car, lawyer fees, and prison time.

The most important thing you can do right now is to speak to a qualified criminal DWI Defense Lawyer who is experienced with Buffalo and Erie County courts, has handled successful DWI defense cases previously, and will be on your side every step of the way.

That experienced Buffalo DWI defense lawyer that you need to speak to is Frank Bogulski.

Are you aware that under many circumstances, NY state law allows those with DWI charges to continue driving? If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), you may have many questions about your legal rights and your driving privileges. Your first call should be to attorney Frank M Bogulski. Frank will guide you through the complicated legal process with simple straightforward answers to your questions and concerns. Call Frank now to arrange for your free consultation!

Attorney Frank Bogulski has successfully resolved hundreds of DWI and alcohol related cases for his clients. Mr. Bogulski has taken cases to trial and won. He has also been successful in getting DWI cases dismissed before they even go to trial.

When selecting a DWI attorney, it is important to hire a lawyer with experience and credentials. Frank has appeared in every court in Erie County, as well as courts in Niagara, Orleans, Genesee, Chautauqua, and Cattaraugus on various cases including DWI matters.

Frank is exceptionally familiar with the Vehicle and Traffic Law, and his experience as a United States Army Military Police Officer, gives him that extra edge that you need to stay out of trouble.

If you are looking for exceptional representation and the best possible outcome for your case, you should hire Frank Bogulski as your DWI attorney.

New York State DWI Arrest: Know Your Rights

If you have been arrested and charged with a DWI in New York State you need to to know what your rights are. Many charged with a DWI end up with a less than favorable outcome because they were not fully aware of their options. As an experienced Buffalo DWI attorney, Frank Bogulski has seen a wide variety of cases where the DWI trial hinged on a few key facts. Here is what you need to know if you have been arrested for DWI right now.

Hire A Local DWI Attorney Immediately

DWI arrests happen to people from all walks of life, including many people that have never been arrested before. You can be charged after one drink if a police officer decides he saw you roll through a red light, claims you moved a bit in your lane, or you forget to turn your headlights on fully. Don’t talk to family and friends until you have a lawyer by your side. A local, experienced DWI defense lawyer will help guide you through the legal process. Understand that once you have been arrested the prosecution will do everything in their power to convict you. Get someone with legal knowledge working for you or you will have lost the fight before it starts.

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Have Your DWI Lawyer Find Out The Other Side’s Cards

Under New York State law, your DWI lawyer has 45 days from your first appearance in court (the arraignment) to file pre-trial motions with the prosecution to find the evidence that will be presented against you as well as all discovery documents. Once the prosecution receives the request they have only 15 days to respond to your defense attorney.

Why is this so important? Your attorney has a chance to stop your prosecution in its tracks by challenging:

  • The constitutionality of your traffic stop. The stop by the arresting officer must be supported by facts that show probable cause that you were violating a criminal law. If the prosecution cannot convince the judge that your stop was constitutional the entire case against you can be thrown out.
  • The probable cause for your arrest. The prosecution must also show that the arresting officer had probable cause to arrest you. The evidence that the prosecution presents must be gathered by the defense so that any evidence used incorrectly to arrest you can be thrown out. Many times a DWI arrest hinges on evidence that an experienced DWI lawyer can challenge such as the field sobriety test, the claims and observations made by the arresting officer, the nature of the roadside tests given, and any evidence gathered by the officer when searching the vehicle.
  • Whether statements you made during your arrest were voluntary. Any statements made to police must be voluntary or that evidence will be dismissed in court. Your DWI lawyer will contest any statements that can made that were made under coercion, duress, or did not follow proper Miranda rules.

Your Constitutional Rights After a DWI Arrest.

Your DWI defense attorney has 45 days from your first appearance to challenge the constitutionality of various aspects of your stop and DWI arrest. You need a DWI lawyer familiar with the full range of options a DWI defense strategy team can employ. Beware of hiring a lawyer for your DWI who wants to take the easy way out by just pleading your case with the prosecution or is not familiar and up to date with current New York state DWI laws. Pre-trial motions that your DWI lawyer can file include:

  • The constitutionality of your traffic stop.
  • The constitutionality of the probable cause for your DWI arrest.
  • The constitutionality of the manner in which you were Mirandized and read your rights.
  • Contest the use of the breathalyzer used during your traffic stop.
  • Contest the field sobriety tests in how they were given and the interpretations of the results from them.

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